My next love, outside of the performing arts, is yoga! After 12 years as a practicing yogini, I became certified in Yin Yoga at Hot 8 in Los Angeles. I will be pursing my RYT-200 hour certification next fall.

Yoga has completely changed my life & reversed years of damage from the demand of 8 shows a week.  My goal is share yoga with other performing artists as its incredible healing benefits of the mind, body & spirit are essential to a thriving career in the industry. Through breathwork, meditation & asana practice, yoga will up level your "performance" in ways you never thought possible.  Balance is vital in our industry & yoga is the perfect way to find that balance in all aspects of life, especially our demanding careers. I will be incorporating these practices in my Musical Theatre Workshop Series as well as creating a specialized yoga class for the performing artist. 

I am currently offering private Yin Yoga classes in NYC. Click here to contact me for further info.